Construction of the Industrial Zone Zagore started


With prayer, the ceremony for the symbolic first sod for the construction of the technical infrastructure of the Zagore Industrial Zone was initiated. Work is underway in Stara Zagora to meet the high requirements of investors for pre-built services in its territory, such as the availability of plumbing, telecommunications, gas and electricity.
"I thank on behalf of the Stara Zagora Municipality the state, represented by the Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov and Antoaneta Barres, Executive Director of the National Company of Industrial Zones, for their support in the implementation of the Zagore Zone. The municipality provides the land here, but with the financial resources available by the state we can start building the basic infrastructure. The future of Zagore is very good. Stara Zagora has been and will be an economic center ", said the mayor of the city, Eng. Yancho Kaloyanov.
 "Only ten months after the entry of the state with a contribution, today we begin construction of the Industrial Zone" Zagore ". My pride is that we already have the first investor, a local prosperity company. We are moving forward and I believe that we will all work as we have done to make our area modern and European. We start with 115 000 sq.m. divided into 11 properties - ranging in size from 4 to 11 acres, each of which can be combined, according to the specific preferences of investors, "said Zagore CEO Radoslav Tanev.
The implementation of the Industrial Zone plays a key role in the sustainable development of the whole region, it became clear during the event. Another advantage is the communicative nature of the terrain provided by the municipality - three transport corridors, public transport lines are intersected, electricity and water supply are provided. Active in Stara Zagora is working towards easing businesses from administrative burdens, as well as creating a sound financial policy that guarantees peace of mind for investors.
 "It is an honor to be here today. Colleagues have done a lot of work in such a short period of time. They were able to realize this wonderful project. The area will be a great success - I'm sure of it. A lot of work and heart are put into the work. The union between the state and the municipality is extremely useful and fruitful, "emphasized Antoaneta Barres.
The official laying of the first sod was done by engineers Yancho Kaloyanov, Radoslav Tanev, Antoaneta Barres and Eng. Diana Lyubomirova, executive director of the SBS project contracting company.
The event was also attended by Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Emil Hristov, MPs Boris Karchov and Radostin Tanev, Chairman of the Municipal Council Tanyo Brykov, municipal councilors, Mayor Zhivko Todorov (term 2015-2019), Deputy Mayors Yordan Nikolov and Krasimira Chakhova, Ch. arch. of the municipality of Victoria Grozeva, the secretary of the administration Delyan Ivanov, representatives of various local and state institutions, as well as the business in Stara Zagora.

Oct 25, 2019

Georgieva Krasimira