Investment for over 100 million in Zagore Industrial Zone.

      The Mayor of Stara Zagora, Zhivko Todorov, entered a proposal in connection with the investment intention of "Trade League - Global Pharmacy Center" JSC. The Municipal Council of Stara Zagora is about to give the green light for the implementation of the investment project - "HEART AND BRAIN HIGH-TECH HEALTH PARK".
      "We are pleased to present this project, which we have been working hard for months. After long negotiations, we managed to attract the largest investment in the area, at the moment. For us, it is extremely important, not only because of its size, but also because of the social importance it has for the region. The workforce, more than 900 people, specialists who have chosen to graduate in our city will have another option for realization, a competitive environment will be created that implies a better quality of health services, which is exactly what people are looking for."
      The investment project will be implemented in the field of healthcare and healthcare. The investor plans to carry out the activity through leading specialists in the individual specialties, following a clearly formulated public mission, main goals and tasks that correspond to the National Health Strategy and the National Health Policy, to the public interests and health needs of the Bulgarian population.
      All the activities of the Project are subordinated to the fulfillment of its mission and the main goals and tasks resulting from it, namely to provide quality and affordable health care at the level of good medical practice, to increase the quality of life of patients and their relatives, by relieving or cures diseases, fulfilling also the more global social function of prolonging life, to serve every patient with uncompromising ethics, by creating high-quality services to prolong life and improve its quality; to strive for high potential and desire to improve the technological level with extremely advanced robotic procedures, to implement investment projects with the aim of achieving good results in terms of reducing morbidity and mortality in the region, the frequency of complications and re-hospitalizations.
     The location chosen by the company for the construction of a high-tech health park is one of the most attractive in the country, given its strategic location, as well as the availability of qualified labor and infrastructure. It is not by chance that the company chooses to build not just a hospital, but a high-tech park here. The investment is related to the creation of more than 900 jobs after the implementation of two phases of the project, and the company's plans are to invest more than 100 million BGN.
    This is another investment project and the largest investment in the Zagore Industrial Zone, which includes completely new high-tech solutions adapted to the latest trends and experience in modern medicine.
Industrial zone "Zagore" reports a significant growth of investment interest in the first half of 2022. Work is pending on the second stage of development of the zone, which will include large areas.