Mobile application use the purchase of tickets for public transport in Stara Zagora


Mobile application use the purchase of tickets for public transport in Stara Zagora



The first account-based system providing the flexibility and management of real-time urban mobility that we successfully work with in Stara Zagora. The Stara Zagora Urban Transport proposal is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. From our TV providers, they shared some of the previous items that are excellent for the best services in the country. It is proposed that an innovative platform be launched to showcase the world's most popular "smart cities" "Mobility as a Service" (Mobility as a Service, MaaS). The platform offers services in the city of urban mobility, both in Bulgaria and international markets.

It is the first in the region and the only one in Europe to offer one-time ticket purchases - a one-off ticket for all lines and real-time travel planning.

Another technical capability is the built-in ability to manage data from many different transportation service providers or to connect to services that are part of the trip, for example: available and reserved in parking, shared car rental, bicycle rental, electric scooters and third You will soon have access to Stara Zagora, which will deliver its results in Eastern Europe with the sophisticated Mobility as Listening system. In that sense, the natural next step is everyone who needs to be united in a platform that will be created for travel planning for different modes of transport, for flexible payments and personalization based on preferences regarding time, convenience, research and / or convenience of travel. By providing a variety of options to choose from, the use of transport services will allow you to plan your trip smoothly on the different types of transportation that should be done for them.

Another innovation is in the application of "Stara Zagora Urban Transport" - the possibility of processing discount cards. The platform's administrative portal offers administrators the ability to enter the correct usage data for each ticket or card, which is offered to the general public, that is, to constantly browse the city, making sure that you can add a card through a cell phone without telling them to carry it. All products can be registered at the Customer Service Center - automatic key bus and satellite bus and website availability available.

In the development of the platform have been successful teams of user review designers and engineers with the necessary business experience, which can turn out to be a lightweight design and simple management management. With literally you can write, you can enter the desired destination and buy the necessary ticket. Algorithms that are required in a fraction of a second are included, constantly using up-to-date vehicle availability data and registering with high precision that are accessible over time. This makes urban transport information much more convenient, lending itself to the independence and predictability of a personal vehicle.

The implementation of a project for the Modernization and Development of Sustainable Urban Transport in the City of Stara Zagora is an additional introduction of CCTV and an intelligent congestion prevention system. Replacement of secure traffic lights and traffic controllers is underway, three will man and traffic lights, giving pedestrians a push button.

Author: Krasimira Kaneva